The Dangers of Having Squirrels in Your Attic

Are you hearing damaging, scooting, and also weird sounds originating from your attic? You’re not going nuts, however there may be some in your attic. Those noises are probably originating from squirrels. Sounds adorable? Those little cost trailed creatures making a home out of your house is a lot more dangerous than you may think. If you are looking for Rochester Hills squirrel control be sure to call today!

The Dangers Squirrels Pose

Still on the squirrels’ side? Think you might be ok with leasing out your attic to these critters rent out free? Well here are some methods they are posturing risks to your home as well as well-being, we hope this changes your mind.

Electrical wiring

There are lots of important cords in your attic room that squirrels will certainly enjoy to eat on. Like any kind of other rodents, their front teeth are continuously expanding and also they are searching for challenge grind them down. This indicates trouble for your wiring, house siding, and wood. Squirrels eating on your wires might even create a fire in your attic room.

Nibbling on your exterior siding, or chewing holes around the exterior of the attic. The much longer that squirrels live in your attic room the much more openings they will certainly eat.


You understand all that cosy pink things in your attic? The insulation in your attic room is essential in temperature guideline in your house. If squirrels obtain in your attic room they will urinate as well as defecate on your insulation destroying it and also requiring it to be changed.

Odors as well as Eyesores

It could come as a surprise, but large peeing as well as defecation structure up in your attic and also being taken in by your insulation does not scent great! Your house will smell like squirrel waste matter, and also they will certainly leave spots throughout your attic floor which can be extremely pricey to tidy. Squirrels can additionally get entraped or fall under your wall surfaces and also die, which will certainly also trigger a dreadful smell in your house.


Rotting squirrel bodies, or decaying waste matter can trigger great deals of health hazards to your family members. Squirrel droppings can trigger salmonella, as well as disintegrating animals can spread disease and also motivate infestation of more undesirable parasites.

Exactly how and also Why They Intended to Get In
Your home is wonderful, that’s why you selected to live there, so it needs to come as not a surprise that pets are trying to barge in. Yet what are they truly utilizing your residence for?

Your attic is a wonderful place for squirrels to recreate. They have trashes of babies two times a year, and also require a great protected location to nest.

Squirrels generally enter your attic with:

  • · Gutters
  • · Construction spaces
  • · Eating through weak areas
  • · Vents
  • · Roof covering sides
  • · Pipes floor coverings
  • · Smokeshafts


Cost to get rid of Squirrels