What materials in a home do Squirrels chew on? 

Image of squirrel chewing in a backyard.

A squirrel, no matter how adorable or friendly, is just a rodent with ever-growing teeth and extremely bad habits that can cost you money and cause great aggravation. A squirrel can drop your house’s curb appeal and value by trashing the exterior with holes and scratches, damage your roof by chewing up eaves and soffits and threaten the structure of your roof and walls by chewing assistance beams. Squirrel removal Grand Rapids has the capability to asses the damage. No matter what type of structure your house is, it likely consists of a lot of wood. Squirrels need to constantly chew to keep their teeth ground down, and they love to chew on wood. While they truly fancy trees and bushes, they will happily chew on any structure available to them too.

What Do Squirrels Chew On?

They will chew through siding and trim to make an entrance to your attic, squirrels chew through rafters and supports that are in their way as they construct a nest in your insulation, and chew through the boxes which contain all your family’s valuable memories to find soft products to line their nest with. They will chew through a door or trim board to get to food and water and chew through your outside skirting to get under your home, in fact, they will chew even if they are tired.

Do Squirrels Only Chew on Wood?

A squirrel’s significant problem is when they do not have access to these woods in the wild. When they finally find a home to chew on, they will constantly do that on hard surfaces like trees, houses, properties, and more. They normally chew on nuts, seeds, or acorns but when these items aren’t available, they try to find alternatives. From doors to wood siding, from bars to patio– these are some of the common areas squirrels chew on. Whatever that is not metal.

Should I Leave Them Alone?

Picture of squirrel preparing to flee.

Of course, permitting squirrels to chew on woods can cause major damage to your house. If your home is dominantly made of wood, there can be a huge change that squirrels continuously appear. Otherwise, they can eat the entire thing and chew whatever to make holes so they can get out.

How Do I Protect My Home From Squirrels?

If you are on the unfortunate side of a complete squirrel intrusion, without expert aid you might be in for a long standoff between you and those fluffy-tailed tree rats most of us call squirrels. Squirrels will try to outmaneuver you at every turn. Attempting to DIY is not a sensible move. The only way to stop a squirrel’s ongoing damage for good is to be rid of all squirrels. That suggests traps or poisons. This is not a simple undertaking, and that is why we encourage you to work with a professional wildlife/animal removal service. You can discover one through your local Ag department, chamber of commerce, or typically by asking your neighbors. An expert wildlife handler has the skills and understanding to get rid of this little pest.

Using a professional likewise implies you have no bodies to dispose of or squirrels to relocate. When you are squirrel free be sure and go over prevention with your serviceman, and let them help you avoid another infestation.

How To Identify Squirrel Tracks