Will Squirrels damage the wiring in my home? 

Squirrels remain in the family rodentia, and much like mice and rats, they chew continuously. Their product of choice is naturally, wood, however, they will chew pipes, paper, vinyl siding, and yes, electrical wires. The sooner Troy Squirrel control service can remove the animals, the damage will cease to occur. This is bad for a variety of reasons. Most apparent is the consistent electrical shorts and wiring issues it can cause in your home. Power failures due to chewed wires can be very expensive to the homeowner and tough to repair. If the wires are inside a wall they can cause you to have to rewire your whole house. They can cause electrical fires if the section of chewed and exposed wiring is near something combustible like many loose attic insulations. Squirrels have also been known to chew the circuitry in pumps for homes triggering well problems, industrial complexes causing issues with the control board, heating, and air conditioning unit wiring boards, and the electric circuitry on automobiles causing a variety of major issues.

Do Squirrels Chew on Electrical Wires?

Yes, squirrels like to chew. They most likely got in your attic by chewing their way in. As soon as they’re inside, they like to chew on several things, however, they especially seem to like electric wires. It’s uncertain why. Perhaps the texture feels great to them. They do not constantly chew on wires, but they do it enough that I ‘d have a look at all your wiring if you’ve had squirrels, in case of a fire threat. Of course, if you’ve experienced an interruption or circuit breaker pop, you might wish to look for squirrel wire damage in the attic.

Squirrel Damage in the Attic

What sort of damage do squirrels cause in an attic? Squirrels are charming little animals that prance around your yard, but they can be very harmful and damaging. These creatures not only carry illness, but like to burrow and make a mess of locations they can get into. This means some serious damage to your home.

So what sort of damage can a squirrel cause you may question? Squirrels need to relieve themselves therefore they will eliminate their waste as needed, no matter where that is in your attic.

Honestly having squirrel urine and feces in your attic is bad enough. Plus they can reproduce and turn your attic into a disaster area for years.

Other than waste, there is the obvious problem of squirrels getting into things. Your insulation is likely to take the greatest damage, since the animals may not only want to use it as bedding, but they will also put their waste on that. Because diseases can spread you might have to replace a large part of your insulation.

Any Other Damage?

If you have boxes of clothes, linen, or books, you might find that squirrels have dug into these boxes to get products out of there that they think would benefit in building a nest. Remember that they simply do not pick out what they desire and put everything else back where they found it originally. They tear apart what they wish to use, and they tear apart things they don’t care about either. What you wind up with is a big mess, and all your things might be ruined.

Exclude Squirrels in Your Attic

If you believe you have squirrels infesting your house, chewing on wires is the least of your problems. You are likewise in threat of pests like lice and fleas, disease spread by squirrels, and the filth and smell caused by urine and feces all over your attic. Getting rid of squirrels is never ever simple and is a job best left to the professionals.

If you do not have squirrels yet, take preventative steps. Analyze the exterior of your home frequently. Try to find squirrel sightings or telltale signs like droppings or chew marks. Inspect your attic space, especially if you are hearing noises from there. If you discover any holes around your upper eaves, seal them after you make certain your attic is empty. A little prevention now can save you a lot of time and difficulty later on.

Damage Caused By Squirrels