How to rid a property of Squirrels 

Image of a squirrel sitting on a fence.

Squirrels can be a nuisance in the lawn or garden by consuming fruit, veggies, and birdseed and chewing tree bark. Squirrels also have a way of making their way into your attic or crawlspaces and setting up nests. Squirrel control company Grand Rapids can offer guidance on what is attracting squirrels to the property. Here’s how to get rid of squirrels in the backyard and keep them out of your home.

Don’t Feed Them

If you feed them, they will come. Any food found in your backyard is fair game for wandering animals or those already calling your property home. When you’re hanging bird feeders, spreading plant seeds, or tossing compostable food scraps into your garden, you produce the opportunity for easy meals. You ought to weigh your satisfaction of bird watching with the possibility of drawing in pests with leftover birdseed.

Eliminate What Attracts Them

Photo of a squirrel looking for food on a property.

The sight and smell of fallen fruit, nuts, and seeds tempts squirrels. Rake your lawn routinely to get rid of these items from under bird feeders and trees. Usage garbage cans with tight-fitting covers to keep squirrels out of your garbage.

Scare Them

A pet or feline might keep squirrels out of your backyard, especially if your pet chases squirrels away. If you do not have a cat or dog, you can put plastic owls around your property on elevated surfaces such as fence posts or the roof to scare squirrels away. You can likewise purchase containers of predator (wolf or tiger) urine to spray in your lawn or garden. The fragrance terrifies numerous animals, including squirrels, deer, and bunnies.

Deter Them

If you can’t keep ground squirrels out of your lawn, you can keep them away from your trees and plants using squirrel baffles. Put a two-foot-wide metal collar around trees, a minimum of 6 to 8 feet off the ground. You can also utilize squirrel baffles on poles that support your bird feeders. Put fences or netting around your plants. Develop a fence out of one-inch mesh wire. The fence needs to be at least 30 inches high and extend six inches below ground, with an additional 6 inches underground bent external at a 90-degree angle to prevent burrowing. An electric fence is a further deterrent. Place a minimum of 2 energized fence strands about 3 inches from an existing fence, one 6 inches above the ground and the other at the fence height. Cut small pieces of plastic bird netting and cover it around ripening fruit. Use heavyweight mulch, stones, or ornamental rocks on the surface of your soil to keep squirrels from digging in your flowerpots.

Repel Them

Treat seeds, bulbs, and flowers with a taste repellent such as capsaicin or commercially offered chemical repellent. Reapply these compounds after it rains. Do not use repellents on veggies or fruit you’re preparing to consume. Plant mint at the edge of your garden. Squirrels avoid the smell of peppermint plants.

Plant Flowers Squirrels Hate

Daffodils have a toxin that makes them inedible. Squirrels don’t like the taste of snowdrops, allium or hyacinth, so plant those spring bulbs as a deterrent.

Catching squirrels with a live trap can rid your lawn or squirrels temporarily, but other squirrels frequently arrive to take their place. In numerous states, squirrels are considered a game species and are secured by law.

If you’re having issues with squirrels in your lawn or garden, it might be a sign of a larger problem like squirrels in your home. Holes might serve as a squirrel’s point of entry and exit as they bring food from your lawn and take it back to their nest in your attic.

Squirrels are exceptionally versatile animals and they can learn to strive in various environments, including our backyards. Many of us are left wondering how to keep squirrels away from the plants we love.

We might not be able to keep them out of our space totally, however, we can learn to control and reduce the results of their crazy feeding.

Assess the squirrel activity in your lawn or garden to determine the best method to get rid of ground squirrels. Prevent squirrels in your home by controlling the squirrels outside your house.

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