Tactics Squirrels use to enter a homeĀ 

Photo of a squirrel in a home.

A squirrel will chew through the ceiling if given a chance, and they’re not the only animal known to do something like that either. Grand Rapids squirrel removal near me will find an expert technician in your area. Rats and mice are both chewing rodents, and they, along with squirrels, can cause a great deal of damage in your home over an extremely short time period.

How Do Squirrels Get There?

Squirrels are rather small creatures, so they have the uncanny knack of having the ability to get themselves stuck in the weirdest locations, and in some cases in the weirdest of positions too. We have encountered squirrels in the attic, in wall cavities, crawl spaces, in the roof, and much more, and if they get stuck in there, with no way of getting out, they will use the only tools they have on hand. In this case, it will be their sharp teeth and claws. They will use a combination of both to attempt an escape, although in some cases this could mean them delving even deeper into the wall cavities and undiscovered spaces of your house.

Are Squirrels Good Climbers

Image of a squirrel climbing a tree.

The thing with animals like squirrels is that they are excellent climbers as long as they have something that they can grip on to with their claws. This makes them ideal animals for living in trees since trees have a soft, wood surface area that their claws easily grip onto and sink into. If a squirrel were to fall down a wall cavity, however, or down the chimney, the inside will usually be rather smooth– smooth drywall or metal, perhaps. When this is the situation, the squirrel can get in, but can’t easily go out, and it helps if you then intervene. For the most part, a snare trap pole will help to get them out, but you could use other approaches also. If the animal was stuck down the chimney, for example, a long piece of rope could be all the help the animal needs in order to totally free itself, as long as it hasn’t become hurt.

Will A Squirrel Chew Through The Ceiling?

If you can’t get to the wall cavity, or you don’t get to the animal in time, there’s a likelihood the squirrel might chew right through the hard materials, and right through the ceiling too! It might actually start raining… squirrels!

When squirrels get trapped inside a home they frantically attempt to go out by chewing on anything and whatever is in their way. This consists of the material that was used to block their hole, sheetrock, electrical wiring, and anything else that they believe may help them go out. Once the squirrels have been trapped inside for a number of days it is not unusual for them to chew their way into the living space of your house. We have seen squirrels that are trapped inside a house chew through living room ceilings in an effort to get out. Finally, if they are not able to go out or enter into the living space they end up dying inside walls or ceilings. This produces an extremely difficult situation. It takes approximately 2 weeks for an odor to develop. Attempting to trace the odor to its origin can be really tough if not impossible. The majority of the time ceilings have to be cut open up to remove dead squirrels and the question is always “where do you begin cutting?”. This can all be prevented by NOT blocking off a squirrel’s hole.

Having a family of squirrels eliminated from your home can cost a few hundred dollars. This includes everything from trapping and getting rid of all squirrels and correctly sealing their entry-point as soon as all squirrels have actually been eliminated from your home. Blocking off a squirrel hole on your own, trapping squirrels inside the walls, cutting holes in sheetrock to get rid of dead squirrels, dealing with the odor from the dead squirrel carcasses, etc. can cost a few thousand dollars. Never mind the headaches that accompany this scenario.

The Best Way to Handle Squirrels

The way to properly handle a squirrel problem is to remove the offending squirrels from the area and be 100% sure that all the squirrels are gone.

Do Squirrels Chew On Wood In Or On A House?