Who can help with Squirrel trouble? 

A photograph of a squirrel feeding in grass.

County and city animal services generally will not help you with a squirrel problem, although they might simply provide you a cage you can utilize to attempt and capture the little monster yourself. If the city and country animal services were to come out every time a wild raccoon handled to get inside someone’s home, or a squirrel invasion took place within a residential attic, there would be no time or resources to get anything else done. Squirrel removal service Grand Rapids, MI posses the knowledge to handle any squirrel situation. There are some cases where you can deal with a squirrel invasion yourself, and we will provide you totally free and handy suggestions if that is the case.

Will Animal Services Help Me?

In the past, it was possible to call county animal services and they would assist when you have a problem with wildlife. However, now they deal just with domestic animals like dogs, felines, or other pets. The county service deals with stray dogs or cats, pets that have to be neutered or immunized, lost family pets, or abused family pets. The good news is that there are lots of wildlife services around the nation and they can assist you. When you discover the squirrels on the property, you will not have any problem in finding the expert wildlife assistance in the area.

Make Sure the Squirrel Lives on Your Property

Before you call any business for the squirrels on your property, you have to make sure that the squirrels live on your property or if they were simply passing. If you had actually seen a squirrel numerous times on numerous days, it means that the squirrel lives near your property.

If there is any reason why you think that the squirrel is a danger, then you have to contact a wildlife expert immediately. Specialists are aware of how they can catch the squirrels and how they can exclude them away from the property.

Are Squirrels Aggressive?

A photo of a squirrel eating nuts in a backyard.

When you discover the squirrels near your home, you need to find comfort in the fact that squirrels are not aggressive and they will not attack if they are not threatened, so long as you stay away from them, then you are safe.

The county wildlife service does not deal with wildlife issues anymore because the problem has actually become pricey and too big and they can not help everybody. The wildlife issues are now in the hands of the private sector: a state-accredited nuisance wildlife trapper. If you have a problem with a cat or a dog or something else that will not involve anything tricky like going under the crawl space or in the attic, you may go ahead and call the county animal service. If the problem is a snake, squirrel, armadillo, opossums or raccoons, it is much better to call a company that has been certified as a nuisance trapper.

Should I Remove Squirrels Myself?

In some cases, wildlife removal may be complicated and you might need to utilize different tools and traps in wildlife control. It is not constantly recommended to do squirrels removal on your own and you may still call an expert after some time doing unnecessary work. You must not use poisons since it might be inhumane and the squirrels might pass away in the walls and attic which will cause odor problems.

How To Keep Squirrels Away From Your Property