What health and damage risk accompany squirrels in attics? 

Picture of a squirrel in nature.

Lots of people don’t believe squirrels are a problem when they are hanging outside. Squirrel control company in Ann Arbor will aide with unwanted squirrels. Aside from squirrels swinging from your bird-feeders and swiping from your garden, are they a bigger hazard than they may appear? Yes, squirrels can cause a fair bit of damage inside and outside your house.


There are great deals of vital wires in your attic that squirrels will love to chew on. Like any other rodents, their front teeth are continuously growing and they are searching for things to grind them down. This implies a problem for your electrical wiring, siding, and wood. Squirrels chewing on your wires could even cause a fire in your attic.


Squirrels have to get in from somewhere. The longer that squirrels live in your attic the more holes they will chew. With the exterior of your house damaged and exposed, you are much more vulnerable to damage from leaks and flooding.


You know all that fluffy pink stuff in your attic? It’s really important! The insulation in your attic is crucial in temperature regulation in your home. It helps block heat from entering throughout the warmer months and holds heat in during the cooler months. This saves you money on energy expenses and keeps you feeling more comfortable in your house. If squirrels get in your attic they will urinate and defecate on your insulation destroying it and requiring it to be replaced.

Odors and Eyesores

It may come as a surprise, however massive urination and defecation building up in your attic and being absorbed by your insulation does not smell good! Your house will smell like squirrel excrement, and they will leave discolorations all over your attic flooring which can be very costly to clean. Squirrels can also get trapped or fall into your walls and die, which will likewise cause a horrible smell in your home.


Decomposing squirrel bodies or decaying excrement can trigger lots of health hazards to your family. Squirrel droppings can cause salmonella, and decomposing animals can spread illness and encourage the infestation of more repulsive pests.

How and Why They Want to Get In

Picture of squirrel climbing roof.

Your house is excellent, that’s why you chose to live there, so it must not come as a surprise that animals are tempted to break in. However, what are they actually using your home for?

Your attic is a great location for squirrels to reproduce. They have litters of babies twice a year and need a great protected location to nest.

Squirrels frequently enter your attic through:

  • Gutters
  • Construction spaces
  • Chewing through weak locations
  • Vents
  • Roof edges
  • Plumbing mats
  • Chimneys

How to Get Rid of Them

There are lots of methods to eliminate squirrels. The most gentle way to do so would be to capture them in squirrel traps and then relocate them to an area far away from your house. Trapping, and eliminating squirrels from your attic can be a frightening and difficult job, so it is best to simply put your problem in the hands of a pest control business.

Do not risk a squirrel intruder. Once they are in, the risks begin accumulating, and so do the expenses related to trapping, releasing, cleaning, and fixing after the squirrel sneaks in and begins to ruin your house. Do not wait to worry over squirrels until they enter your house. Call an exterminator as soon as possible.

How Smart Are Squirrels?