Squirrel Removal Services

Removing squirrels is a job that needs to be tackled by experts. While they may appear harmless initially, these are animals that have the potential to do a great deal of damage to your home, and can also be dangerous to the health and wellbeing of you and your family members.

Many homeowners will attempt to remove squirrels themselves, but there is a common risk here that kits have been left behind, and this means that another infestation can build up very quickly. Our experts are aware of this and have the skills to make sure that the entire nest is taken care of and removed safely.

The Dangers of Squirrels

There are a number of risks which can come with a squirrel infestation in your home, and these include:

Potential aggression

Squirrels have been known to become very aggressive towards humans, especially if they feel as though they are threatened, or if a mother feels that her young are in danger. If the animals are used to being fed by humans and this suddenly stops, this can also result in aggression.

Damage to property

The preferred place for squirrels to live in tends to be attics, and they have the potential to cause real damage here. These are animals that like to chew to keep their teeth in top condition, and will chew items such as wires, pipes, and ducts which they find in the attic – this can prove a huge fire risk if they start gnawing on electrical wires. Wood beams and other structural supports are also at risk, as they are prime materials to chew on. Squirrels will also destroy any insulation in the attic, and this can result in a home that is poorly insulated, and this can cost money in energy bills. The waste left behind by squirrels is also very unpleasant, and the odor can be extremely unpleasant.

Dead animals

Squirrels will often die in an unexpected place in your home, and this means it can be a while before they are discovered. The smell from this is very unpleasant, and can also attract insects and other animals, creating further problems.

How Do We Remove Squirrels?

Many homeowners are likely to be tempted by repellents, such as bright lights, smells, high-pitched noises, ammonia and mothballs, but these are usually totally ineffective. Some people may also try one-way doors; these allow the animal to leave the space but not return. These often prove ineffective in the long run, however, as the squirrel will simply find an alternative entrance, even if this means chewing their way into the attic or space in which they have chosen to make their nest.

As professionals, we use three tried and tested techniques to eliminate your issues; habitat modification, trapping, and exclusion. Our team are all experts with plenty of experience and can trap and remove a squirrel, as well as any babies, in a way that is safe, secure and humane for all parties involved – including the animals.

Once the area is clear of squirrels, we will decontaminate the space to prevent them from being tempted to return. When they leave, these animals can leave droppings and urine, as well as food, nests, hair, and oils – all of these have the potential to attract other pests including cockroaches and flies, as well as being a signal to other squirrels that this is a good place to enter. Waste products left by the animals are also very smelly, and this can permeate the whole house very quickly, as well as being hosts for diseases such as Leptospirosis and Salmonella. The damage caused by the squirrels also needs to be repaired, such as damaged insulation and electrical wires.

As part of our service, we will remove the soiled insulation, and remove and vacuum all droppings, before treating the attic with an enzyme-based cleaner. This works to destroy organic matter which may be remaining, and clear any odors. We will also carry out repairs to insulation, ductwork, wires, pipes and so on. Learn more about Rochester Hills squirrel removal

If you discover squirrels on your property, make sure you give us a call as soon as possible to allow us to tackle the problem quickly and easily.