Squirrel Removal

Complete Squirrel Removal Process

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Full Home Inspections

Before we start setting squirrel traps, we provide a home inspection to find out where the vulnerable areas are and where the squirrels are entering the home to get inside the attic space.


Humane Squirrel Removal

Once the squirrel entry points are identified, we then set humane squirrel traps to remove the buisance squirrels humanely and quickly, so that damages can not accumulate from prolonged residence.

Clean Up & Damage Repair

After the squirrels have been trapped and removed from the attic space, we then clean up the nesting and debris they leave behind. This can also include insulation restoration if needed.

Guaranteed Animal Exclusion

One we get the squirrels out of the home, we then seal up the home so that future squirrels can not enter the attic. With residual smells left behind, the vacant den can be very attractive.

About Us

We are fully insured and licensed in the state of Michigan for removing squirrels in the attic. We offer comprehensive solutions for getting rid of squirrels with safety and efficiency being our top priority. We only use the latest humane squirrel removal methods and equipment, as we continually innovate new techniques as well as attend training and certification courses led by squirrel biologists. Learn more about squirrel removal Rochester Hills 

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