Twelve Oaks Mall

Twelve Oaks Mall is a complete line super-regional shopping mall with over 180 shops which is located in Novi, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. It is amongst the largest shopping malls owned by the Taubman Corporation and one of the largest in Michigan for gross leasable area and overall stores.The shopping center completed a major remodel and expansion in 2007. Novi Michigan Information.

21st Century

In 2001, Hudson’s transformed to Marshall Field’s. In 2002, The Taubman Corporation destroyed the defunct United Artists Theatres and made way for a new “Lifestyle Cafe” food court, and enabled kiosks in the mall for the very first time. This marked a modification in Taubman policy, as it was originally believed that a food court would welcome teenage loitering and that kiosks reduced the high end atmosphere of the mall.

In 2005, The Taubman Corporation announced a $63 million growth task, that includes a 97,000 sq ft (9,000 m2) of common area, and a new 165,000 sq ft (15,300 m2) Nordstrom store. The expansion made Twelve Oaks Mall among Taubman’s biggest shopping center properties.Construction started in February 2006, with Clark Construction Company taking on the task. In 2006, Marshall Field’s transformed to Macy’s, and expanded to 300,000 sq ft.

In September 2007, the new Nordstrom opened with over 40 small specialty shopsSpecialized The new anchor store was built on the southeast side of the mall, adjacent to the existing Lord & Taylor shop.

In January 2013, The Cheesecake Factory announced that it will open at the mall later that year, and it opened on August 13, 2013.

In 2018, H&M moved to a 2 floor space in the Sears wing from its initial area in the JCPenney wing. It is the first two-level H&M store in Michigan.