Villa Barr Art Park

Villa Barr is a recent addition to the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department of the City of Novi, Michigan. The four-acre property, previously owned by David Barr and dancer Beth Dwaihy Barr, consists of a home, studio and multiple sculpture installations in a park setting. The house was created by Chicago architect Laurence Booth to reflect David Barr’s individual aesthetic, one that was “… sprouted by constructivist concepts of art, fascination with nature’s innermost structural processes, and a belief in the pledges of the American democratic experiment.” Novi Michigan Information.

The intention of the park is to enhance art experiences in Novi whether by admiring the art setups or taking part in a program at the site. Building and construction of a parking lot and pathway, together with features such as interpretive signage and break locations, was completed in fall 2018. The task is funded in part by Novi Parks Foundation and a grant from the Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs.