Ann Arbor History

Image of the downtown strip of ann arbor mi

There are many great places that you can visit and learn about this amazing area of Michigan history. The list of places is extensive and it includes some of the most historic cities in the United States. These are places that have had a lot of significance to our country for a very long time and will likely remain in our memory for a long time to come. They are also places that you will enjoy visiting again.

One place that you should not miss when visiting Ann Arbor is the old University of Michigan Building. This building was home to the campus when it was first built back in 1857. It has been through a lot of changes in its existence but the structure itself is still in great shape. You will get a great view of downtown Ann Arbor and its beautiful downtown buildings from inside the building. Learn about Novi Michigan.

There are many other historical buildings within walking distance. Many of the other buildings have been turned into museums as well but if you do not like museums, you can just visit one of the historical sites. Some of these sites include the House on University Hill, which was used for the university’s administration until it was burned down by the Civil War.

Another interesting thing to see while in Ann Arbor, Michigan is American history. You can see all kinds of historic stories about the founding of this great nation that took place here in the United States. Some of the buildings in the area have historic significance that dates back to the early days of America. You can go inside and tour the grounds and take in all the history that you can. Read about West Bloomfield Michigan.

You will also find the Tom Rickard House that is located within walking distance. This house has served as the official residence for Michigan’s Governor and U.S. Senator. William Schuette since 1931. A part of the area was used as the home of Governor John Engler as he was in office.

If you like Halloween and the sound of trick or treating, you should take a drive around the area during the holiday season. This is the time when the real fun begins. People start trick or treating in this part of town at this time of year.

Of course, no visit to the area would be complete without learning about the history of the area itself. You will see plenty of historical information about the area on the web. There are plenty of websites that offer a lot of helpful information for you to take home and understand the significance of some of the things that have occurred in the area. If you are really looking for something special, you might consider hiring a guide for your entire stay.

Having a guide for your entire vacation is very affordable and there are a number of places where you can get one for a reasonable price. Just remember to check online and make sure you have gotten the right guide. You do not want to take someone with the wrong information with you. This is especially important if you have never been to the area before.

There is so much history within walking distance of Ann Arbor that it is going to be hard for you to believe that there is anything left to discover. The area has been around for a long time and has lots of old history that is still being preserved. The Ann Arbor Michigan History Center offers you this history in a way that is interactive and you can learn a lot more about the history of this area through their website.

If you are looking for a great way to spend your entire vacation, take a look at the area of Ann Arbor. There are many things to explore and see within walking distance of this great city. You will be amazed at all the fun things that you will discover along the way.